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make sure your e-mail is not insulse. thanks for watching us. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> welcome to "hannity." tonight the shock waive from wednesday's benghazi whistle blowing hearings are still reverberating through the obama administration, thanks to the testimony of three brave state department officials. we are finally beginning to learn the truth about what happened the tragic day that four americans were brutally murdered in libya. in addition, it's becoming more and more obvious that following the attack the president and his aids deliberately ignored the facts and instead chose to write their own narrative about that deadly night. after reviewing what was said on tap toll hill yesterday it's clear that then secretary of state hillary clinton played a very key role in what i believe was an administration-wide national security coverup. according to the whistleblowers
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she is to blame for not only sending ambassador stevens to the unsafe city of benghazi, but also for the poor security conditions at the consulate. watch this. >> mr. nordstrom, who has the authority to place personnel this a facility that does not mean the minimum osbt standards? >> it's my understanding that since we were the sole occupats of both of these facilities, benghazi and tripoli, the only person who could grant waivers or exceptions to those was the secretary of state. >> mr. hicks, why was ambassador stevens headed to benghazi? there were a lot of security issues and concerns, and mr. nordstrom listed them in numerous reports leading up to his trip there. why was the ambassador headed there? >> according to chris, secretary clinton wanted benghazi converted into a permanent constituent post. >> you just heard about two of the very costly miss steps made by secretary clinton before benghazi. but her actions following the
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assault are also very troubling. you may recall that she repeatedly blamed a youtube trailer for the attack and even authorized the release of a taxpayer funded psa apologize for the video and that was in pakistan. sadly all of this is merely the tip of a very large iceberg when it comes to hillary clinton's culpability. in other words, benghazi is her new whitewater. it's the scandal that threatens her political future. what happens when the clintons' backs are against the wall? they come out swinging and they throw whoever they have to under the bus so they can survive. with 2016 fast approaching and benghazi quickly becoming her biggest liability, the president may want to keep his guard up with us is former new york mayer rudy giuliani. how are you? >> good. how are you? >> good. let's get into this.
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we don't know who denied the request for security before. we don't know who gave two stand-down orders while the attack was going on. we don't know who altered the talking points after that were correct into what was a big lie. so this, to me, this opened up a can of worms yesterday more than anything else. >> basically what you are saying is we don't know what happened before, during or after. it's all completely shrouded in a lot of misstatements, a lot of confusion, a lot of objectsfication. and the reality, i think i said this on your show three are four days after, it she would to me like a coverup from day one. the minute susan rice did that, it was spontaneous when we are talking about rocket launches and hand-held grenades. gosh, all mighty, this wasn't even to the eye of an outside
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observer it was spontaneous. >> that's unrealistic. you don't think a spontaneous railly , they just happened to have a rocket propelled grenade in their back pocket back then? >> they knew from minute one it was a terrorist attack. i do not understand how they didn't supply more security for a place that already had been bombed. i would like to know when that -- when that mission was bombed and a hole was drilled right through the wall, was she notified? was the president notified? if they were notified, we still don't know if they were or weren't, what did they do about it. and if they weren't notified, what are we paying them for? what are the dog if they don't find a critical country, the mission, there's a hole drilled through the wall t this is three months after the attack. here's the thing that bothers me about the so-called rescue efforts, that they didn't have enough time to get assets there. you tell me how they knew how long the hostage situation was going to take? how do you know? i've dealt with hostage
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situations. you ask me to put assets there, how do i know if it's going to be one hour, ten hours, or ten days? the last big hostage situation we had lasted 400 days. >> some have said that the best, instead of having five separate committees, why not a special investigative committee that john boehner can form into this where they were s&p power, witnesses under oath, interrogatories by the president? >> i think if this were a republican president you now would have republican support along with the democrats to do a select committee. the problem with this is the democrats are the ones who have made this partisan. these are answers we need not for political reasons, these are answers we need to prevent something like this electric happening again in the future. if we want find out why this happened, i think one of the things secretary clinton said when she testified, it happened a while ago and why are we so concerned about it? one of the reasons we are so concerned about it is to prevent it from happening in the future. >> you are a a prosecutor s
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there any doubt what the mow vision was, why they altered the talking points? >> the whole scenario was barack obama had to destroyed al-qaeda, al-qaeda was on the run, he made the right decisions, he would argue, in libya and egypt. all of a sudden this would move of prove maybe that was wrong, and maybe it was wrong pig time and they weren't going to allow that scenario to come out before the election. i think it was crystal clear what was going on. you will have to be a fool not to figure that out. >> let's run this tape. >> 3:00 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep but there's a phone in the white house and it's ringing. something is happening in the world.
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[phone ringing] [busy signal] >> all right. now some people will say on the left that, well, we just had the hearings. that's not true. all we know now is security was denied that was requested. we don't know who gave the stand-down orders. we don't know why they altered the talking points from the truth to a lie and we don't know why the president wasn't even curious. he went to bed. >> we really don't know what the president did. that's clouded in mystery. and both prior hearings, it's about the president. he's the expander in chief. if i was in that position you would be on top of this and you
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wouldn't go to sleep. >> let me ask you this, is this a little finger pointing in let me go back. the relationship with the clintons and barack obama was not perfect. let me remind you two instances and ask you if this could potentially explode. we have hillary shouting shame on you, mr. barack obama, and bill clinton was angry when they played the race card on him. >> shame on you, barack obama. it's time you ran a campaign consistent with your messages in public. that's what i expect from you, meet me in to owe and let's have a debate -- >> i think they laid the race card on me. we know now what the campaign and everything, they planned to do it all along. >> i never felt that they were ever really friendly. i think they coexisted. i think this was the team of rivals that obama huh set up to kind of prevent maybe a challenge in 2012. >> there's a conflict here.
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there were numerous requests for more security for that mission. denied. in fact, some of the security was reduced. now did she make that decision? if she did, she's going to have to live with it and that's going to be a realize ability. or did she make recommendations for the president for more security and the president turn it down? i don't know what the answer to that is but there is an answer and the answer will determine who is more culpable for it. ultimately i think it sets up a conflict between the two of them. >> i think you are right. that's why i played it. mr. mayor, thanks for your insight. we need answers to this because the families deserve answers. >> somebody made the ultimate decision and we have a right to know. >> every american was lied to. i want to know what made that decision. >> great to see you. >> take care. >> is den worse than watergate? we will address that when we come back. and majorling developments regarding the cleveland
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even more for their bodies. >> welcome back to "hannity." yesterday's bombshell temperature by the three state department whistleblowers is confirming with a we said for month, the obama administration orchestrated a widespread coverup in benghazi that killed four americans. now our question is simple and it is this. is the obama administration's coverup worse than watergate? keep in mind with watergate nobody died. joining me is patrick j buchanan and leslie marshall. patrick buchanan, i see a lot of similar -- similarities here. they denied the request for security early, they told the guys to stand down. we have to find out who made the decisions. the biggest lie is the coverup afterwards. they knew the truth and they told the american people,
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everybody out there something that they knew was false. >> i think that's exactly right, sean. let's take a look at the offense itself. the offense at water gate was a stupid burglary, nobody got killed. this is an atrocity, killing an american ambassador, killing a navy seal and others, driving us out of a part of a country we liberated. but you are right, the real thing here is the coverup. what is similar to the coverup in watergate, barack obama said, what was his story line? we got bin laden and now al-qaeda is on the run. this whole horrible story disproved that. al-qaeda was active, it killed the guys and wounded us badly, as any incident since 9/11, and i think the white house and the administration said, okay, we are going to say it was this video, this video happened. there's no way we could have predicted it or prepared for it , no way we could handle it so
9:16 pm
it's just an incident, let's move on. >> before i go to you, leslie, let me play. this is america's rising pack and hillary denying responsibility for the talking point which we learned yesterday were right first, but then they altered them to be false. watch this. >> i certainly did not know of any report that contradicted the i see talking points at the time that ambassador rice went on the tv shows. >> it began spontaneously in benghazi. initially it was a spontaneous reaction. >> so fast forward, mr. hicks, to the sunday talk shows and ambassador susan rice. she blamed this attack on a video. in fact, she did it five different times. what was your reaction to that? >> i was stunned. my jaw dropped. i was embarrassed. >> they never talked to the
9:17 pm
number one guy on the ground before they went on those shows? >> sean, the guys on the ground, nobody mentioned the video. where did the video come from? the video was drawn up and dug up and fabricated and put forward as the excuse why the administration was unprepared, why it didn't have things in advance to handle the situation. this is a complete coverup. i mean, where did this story of the video come from? >> gentlemen, gentlemen. sean, they say apples and oranges. this is like apples and zucchini. if you asked me what was worse, iraq or benghazi, i would say let's have that conversation. >> ted kennedy said it -- stop. >> we have a president that was impeached, that was a criminal, and that asked other individuals under him -- leslie, leslie, let me -- leslie, let me say this. they denied requests for security before.
9:18 pm
they were told, we learned yesterday, on two occasions to stand down and help those americans that we knew were under attack. we know that they had the original talking points right, and they altered it. all has to be seen through the prism of an election, leslie. all of which we deserve answers to. >> no. >> yes, yes, leslie, we do. >> you are reaching. you are reaching. >> the families of four dead americans -- pat? >> look, leslie, no, you are not reaching. they altered the talking points to put forward a story that was a total and complete fabrication, but which helped them on the road to the election. and they would not have been helped if people found out and discovered right then, look, friends, this was al-qaeda, and the story line that al-qaeda is on the run is untrue. al-qaeda is active right in the country we are supposed to have liberated. >> pat, you know, as well as i do, that the president did eventually, and i would agree with you guys why that video was
9:19 pm
mentioned, it shouldn't be, and i think that's a lie left to right, and i'm a democrat. but -- >> why was the president saying it two weeks later? >> but when he said this is a terrorist and mitt romney still wasn't elected. the american people knew that the white house and our secretary of sthte changed their story, as -- >> let me ask you a simple question. two weeks after this horrible atrocity, the president of the united states went up in the united nations six times, mentioned this vial video, that it of had nothing whatsoever to do with the atrocity. who put that speech together? there was no video. >> well, pat, if i could answer that, i probably would be president and not sitting here debating you tonight. but that is not -- we are talking about watergate, which to me is more like a -- >> what we are talking about, people died. >> it's apples and oranges, sean. >> no, no, it is not.
9:20 pm
>> the similarity with watergate -- >> no, where is the crime and where is the obstruction of justice? where is the crime and the obstruction of justice? >> there was a break-in no doubt at watergate, but do you think that's as serious as a massacre of an american ambassador and another diplomat and two seals and the destruction of our operation in benghazi? one guy breaking in or five guys breaking in larry o'brien's office and putting a bug on the phone? >> we have to go. >> leslie, sounds like -- >> it's lies under oath. >> leslie, leslie -- last question. doesn't it bother you, leslie, the president and his team and everyone lied to you? >> absolutely. when george bush lied to me about weapons of mass destruction and we invaded a sovereign nation that's correct bothered me. >> hillary hillary clinton said.
9:21 pm
and the white house lied and top officials. don't you think we have a right to know the truth, who lied to us? >> we have a right to know the truth, but comparing it -- >> we don't know it yet. >> but comparing it to richard nixon i don't think is the way we will get it. >> would you lake to see a select committee investigate it, the way they investigated president nixon? would you like to see the press go after this president as much as they did against nixon? >> got to go, guys. we are way behind were we have to take a break. >> it's not a criminal act. >> when we come back, we go live to cleveland. we go inside the house of morors in cleveland and we will explain some of the horrifying events that took place at the castro residence. and murder charges may be added and the death penalty could now be on the table here. also it's your night. option two, a frightening interview with a top palestinian officials you have to see to
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> welcome back to "hannity." earlier today we saw video of ariel castro, the monster for the first time. he was arraigned on kidnapping and rape charges on the three women he held captive in his home for nearly a decade. and it was a house of horrors. the women were bound with ropes and chains and had multiple miss carriages after long and prolonged sexual abuse. if that's not enough, castro celebrated the anniversaries of
9:27 pm
their abductions with dinner and cake and forced the women to watch their own vigils on tv. rick leventhal is standing by in cleveland with the very latest. rick. >> sean, late this afternoon the county prosecutor announced he will likely seek the death penalty against castro and plans to file more charges for every single act of sexual assault and sexual violence and possibly that will include aggravated murder charges for pregnancies terminated by force. according to a police report obtained by fox news, one captive, michelle knight, told investigators she got pregnant five times by castro, who then forced miss carriages by starving her for two weeks and punching her repeatedly in the stomach. he also forced her to deliver amanda berry's baby, standing over her and said if the baby died he would kill knight. the baby stopped breathing at
9:28 pm
one point and she gave the baby mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to save both of their lives. they were originally chained in the basements, but eventually he moved them upstairs to the second floor. sometimes he would untie them and pretend to leave, he would say, and if they tried to escape, he would then beat them again. amanda berry told investigators on monday when castro left one of the doors open and berry made her move to escape, sean, she still thought that he was hiding somewhere and it was a trick and when she opened the door and trade to get out he would beat her again. but in this case he was gone and she was able to call for help and all the women were eventually saved. >> chilling details. thanks, rick. joining me with more reaction to the horrific story is psychotherapist, family they were, and a psychologist is with us. as the details come out and you
9:29 pm
hear the women were starved and beaten and raped, and the prolonged period of time, how difficult is it going to be for them to recover? can they recover? >> oh, dear, this is going to be such a long road ahead for these women and for the six-year-old child. that's really the bad news. the posttraumatic stress disorder, reliving the memory and feeling it's reoccurring over and over again, relational difficulties, emotional challenges. the good news, though, with the right kind of help and with a loving family, they could potentially live a happy and productive life. this will be a true journey for them. long-term. >> doctor? >> absolutely. i mean re-entry into the safe world is going to be challenging and difficult. they are going to have to relearn how to trust again. they are going to have to relearn how to be safe within themselves and amongst people.
9:30 pm
and they have a lot of processing to do. they went through a horrific, unspeakable trauma. and to begin the healing process as the other doctor said is going to require a lot of professional help, family support and, of course, time. >> we talk about posttraumatic stress disorder for soldiers and it's real, we talk about, you know, all sorts of difficulties that people have when they go through such psychological trauma. what do you think about the aspect when a woman is starved and beaten and her child is killed, it just compounds everything. and the constant threat that if they leave the house they are going to be killed? >> oh, my goodness. it's unimaginable for any of us to possibly even visualize truly what they went through during that process and the memories and the trauma that they are going to be experiencing every
9:31 pm
single day. >> how do we analyze, doctor, how do you analyze this guy? i mean obviously a sociopath, obviously soulless and without a conscience. what goes wrong with these people, pedophiles, murders, and all the stories we hear. what is it about him? he tried to make the case he wad and an uncle and the confession letter we found in his home. are we supposed to care? sean, we need to look no further than his own words in the so-called suicide note he left that was found in his house. he said i'm a sexual predator. he's a sexual predator. that's his diagnosis. sure, he was reportedly abused in his childhood, he suffered, he had hard times, but the bottom line is he became a rapist, a sexual predator, and a demented, scary, violent individual and there is no excuse for it.
9:32 pm
i agree, he's probably a sociopath, probably a narcissist, he probably has a lot of internal suffering, but he's a predator. hopefully justice will be served. >> all right, guys. thank you both so much for your insight. joining us tonight, we appreciate it. coming up, our attorneys are here next to analyze the breaking legal moves, this out of cleveland. prosecutors vowing to file murder charges against ariel castro and there is word the death penalty may be on the table. and don't forget we always want to hear from you. log on to our special companion site "hannity live." we need your help selectth video of the day. third option is exploding on line. a student confronting a teacher and some -- do you think this is the video of the day? >> kids need to learn face-to-face. you get mad because i'm pointing out the obvious. >> no, you are wasting my time.
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>> welcome back to "hannity." there are a number of major breaking developments in the legal front if cleveland. an ohio prosecutor said he may seek the death penalty against ariel castro who was arraigned on rape charges and kidnapping earlier today. the prosecutor said aggravated murder charges could be filed related to the multiple pregnancies castro terminated while holding the three women captive in his home for nearly a decade. he could face hundreds of addition until charges for every crime he committed against each and every woman. here with our legal experts, mr. expenser is and defense prosecutor. welcome both of you. >> thank you. >> i'm proud when i get your name right. murder charges, we know he starved these women, he beat them, the women had the miscarriages.
9:38 pm
murder charge on that? >> in ohio, yes, because it's not just intentionally killing another. part of their statute specifically says it's also the unlawful termination of another's pregnancy. in ohio they have the most expansive view of this that really any state could have because they say any injury caused are the moment of fertilization right up until the time of a live birth, that's -- >> that's how it should be. shouldn't it, sean? that's how it should be. if someone injured an unborn child, they should be prosecuted for that crime. >> say this to femmenist in america and they will take a different view. to think about it, this woman, perhaps in this case, maybe she did, maybe she didn't, but this was purposely premeditated to do this. >> and that's what the law obviously is designed to protect against. he can be and he will be prosecuted for the murder of those unborn children. the only issue with what i see with what the prosecutor said today was seeking the death penalty. we know that federal law does not allow the death penalty for
9:39 pm
the murder of an unborn child. it's right in the statute. and that federal law is going to trump or preempt the ohio state law. >> you are shaking your head. >> i think the fact that ohio specifically put this in their laws, they specifically say if you are convicted of aggravated murder, you are getting one of two things, you are getting life without the possibility of parole or death and they basically, what they are saying, we will challenge you. let's go and see if we can get the law changed or they really want it done. i don't think it's been litigated all wait up so if there's a case for it, this will be it. >> what about the additional charges, every instant of rape, every instance ever abuse, every instance of -- good idea? >> to a point. you will have an indictment that will have hundreds of counts. if you think about each time one of these women was brutalized, victimized, that's a crime. this didn't go on for one or ten days, it's ten years. and it becomes a point it's too
9:40 pm
exhaustive for everyone involved and i'm sure they will tone it down some only for the fact you can actually go into court and have it prosecuted. i'm sure you will get a lot more charges as they go on. >> of course, i agree with that. there are limited resources. but more importantly, he doesn't need to be convicted of every single act he did in order to spend the rest of his life behind bars. and i think that's really the point. in a case of this nature you are, which is so extreme and so horrific, it calls for, in my opinion, a prosecutor who can take a level-headed and tempered, perhaps even restrained approach to present the evidence -- >> i don't want a restrained approach. prosecutors can at times overcharge, but i don't think you can overcharge in this case because you want to make sure the outcome is the right one. i've known you a long time, and as a prosecutor uv -- you have worked on even cases i know
9:41 pm
personally are really dark. the level of deprivety in this case, you said this is the worst you have ever seen. >> and unfortunately i've seen all sorts of things and certain cases stick with you. when i heard this one, and the more i heard, i remember yesterday actually watching something on it and the moment i actually felt child. that doesn't happen to me that i couldn't get up and go to work everyday, i have to think about it clinically to a point, but you think about what happened to the women day in and day out and a child was born into this and lived six years in conditions like that? you can't wrap your head around it because you are not supposed to be able to. >> it's evil. it's pure evil. >> if there is evil, and i believe there is in this world unfortunately, he is evil. >> you've seen cases like this before where people are kidnapped and held prisoner and raped and brutalized this way. you have dealt with this. >> i have. and unfortunately where the victims didn't survive.
9:42 pm
and i think what's incredible is that these women went on like this for years. i've had cases where there has just been incredible cruelty and brutality and abuse of all types. >> i'm not trying to bring hollywood, but it remind me of "hannibal." >> it's true. what we've seen from these women are true heros that they could survive ten years of this kind of brutal torture. >> you have to pray for them. i really wonder how do you recover from this. seriously. >> i think the support and the community and people like you bringing attention to this sort of thing. they will need years of therapy. >> you know what the sad thing is, they aren't finished with this. they have to take this guy to court. >> well, hopefully this gentleman is going to take some sort of responsibility and agree to a sentence behind bars. >> we have to break. good to see you both. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up next, media bias. left wing journalists continue
9:43 pm
to panic over senator ted cruz's rising popularity. we will check in with brazell and you get to pick the video of the day. that's straight ahead. if you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. or faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. for predictable relief try dulcolax.
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>> time for media mash. our weekly roundup of all the way the mainstream liberal media puts their spin on the news. none other than the media research center, brother brent brazell. how are you? >> good.
9:48 pm
>> they didn't get the support in benghazi, twice troops were going to go help them under fire and they were told to stand down. afterwards they had it right and then they covered it up. let's go through the media. we will compare their coverage of crime versus their coverage of benghazi. gma, 18 minutes of crime and 57 seconds on benghazi. yeah, 18:57 for crime and 53 seconds for benghazi. today show, crime 27:10 and benghazi 2:29. cbc, crime 9:47 and benghazi 3:21. we go to cable news and the benghazi hearings. ms and liberal nbc, zero minutes. cnn, the clinton news network, 17 minutes. fox covering an important story, 108 minutes.
9:49 pm
interpret. >> when hillary clinton testified in january, she got five hours on msnbc. they are a little bit selective. you made a mistake here. price you used the word "news" in presence to the networks. they aren't news networks, anymore, sean. they are censoring news. there's no other way to look at it. there was other blockbuster story yesterday. you mention add couple things. we know now unequivocally that it was not a video and the state department knew immediately it was a terrorist attack. it begs the question, why did they mislead the american people for two weeks? >> two weeks? >> there are more questions to be asked. >> the president was still spewing the lie about a youtube video, about spontaneous demonstrations. i love the spontaneous demonstrations and they happen to have a rocket propelled rocket and mortar to launch.
9:50 pm
>> how could it not be news hillary clinton announced during the hearings that she took full responsibility and they followed it up by announcing the formation of the accountability review board to investigate this, which board did investigate this by interviewing everyone but the woman who said she was responsible for it, hillary clinton. how is that not a story yesterday? >> it's a big story. >> it's a coverup taking place. >> if it were bush, look at valerie and wilson, and the coverage there and the special pros duty tore and the witch-hunt. he let's go to nbc news. they didn't cover the hearings at all, but they did cover the story as being, quote, an anti-hillary witch-hunt and only a fox news story. four dead americans, request for security denied, people told to stand down and a coverup is only a fox news story. watch this. >> there is an obvious political
9:51 pm
undercurrent. republicans are taking direct aim at hillary clinton. the country's most popular democrat and a possible presidential contender. >> there is been an investigation. thereof opinion a number of interviews and number of folks have already testified. how much of this is about a legitimate quest for truth and how much of this is a political witch-hunt? >> do you believe there was a deliberate attempt to really cover-up what happened in benghazi or was this a political witch-hunt? >> this is a big fox story. >> but that doesn't mean it's wrong. >> that's embarrassing. >> well, journalism is dead. i declared it dead back in 2008. >> sean, talk about talking points. witch-hunt, fox news story, fox news story, witch-hunt, it is so predictable that they would do this. there is no interest in truth from these news network. they are doing spin coverup. how can they say this a political witch-hunt when the republicans have been just trying to get to the bottom of
9:52 pm
this? shame on the democrats who are playing that game on capitol hill as well. the news media are supposed to be objective and for them to spin this as a political witch-hunt, where were they with katrina, where were they with abu ghraib. and were those witch hunts? >> great point on every one. let's go to ted cruz. the freshman senator from the great state of texas. apparently now he's going to be barack obama's target and he wants to make him the, quote, face of the opposition in the country. i'll ask the question before i show the video. why are they going after ted cruz? watch this. >> ted cruz, well educated guy, another well educated right wingers like pat robertson. they flush out their higher educations when they get out of school for political purposes. >> this was not a distraction. that was ted cruz doing it. >> you have to watch this guy because there are a lot of
9:53 pm
demigods out there but not that many that's that smart. he's really, really smart so that makes him potentially dangerous. >> ted cruz violates my sense. you mention the name ted cruz to other senators, you just get titanics oceans of eye rolling. >> if there's bipartisan agreement on capitol hill, it's ted cruz is a bit of a jerk. well maybe not a bit of a jerk, he is a jerk. democrats don't like him but republicans really can't stand him. >> that would be senator mccain. so i'm not really sure, are they threatened by ted cruz? by the way, if it were republicans going after a hispanic, why do i think the charge of racism would be use when had the criticism came up? >> there is a threat. the bigger the conservative threat, the greater the liberal character assassination campaign. that one you can take to the
9:54 pm
bank. they see cruise rightfully as being a threat to them. and, yes, one of the people that they had no problem with are marshmallow republicans like john mccain. they don't have a problem at all with him but cruz is a conservative so they are coming after him. >> always good to see you. appreciate it. >> thanks. >> coming up, let not your heart be troubled. the video of the day. your choice is coming up next. did you choose the right one? that's the question. this day calls you. to fight chronic osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, y will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can helpeduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. anti-depressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults.
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>> welcome back to "hannity." the wait is finally over. time to find out the video that you, the viewers, choose as the video of the day. tonight you selected the student who confronted his teacher. >> i'm not wasting your time. i'm telling you what you need to
9:59 pm
do. you want kids to come into your class, you want them to get excited, you have to come in here and make them excited. you have to change and start doing better. you have to touch his heart. you can't expect a kid to change if all you do is just tell him. >> good-bye. >> you have to take this job serious. this is the future of this nation. and when you come in here leak you did last time and make a statement about, oh, this is my paycheck, indeed it is. but this is my country and my education. >> you need to go outside, please. >> but that's the limit. i'm not [bleep] simply making an observation. >> okay, okay. >> and now i will leave. you're welcome. >> kind of like bon jovi 1980s. maybe he has a rock band future, you never know. some may find it refreshing and some might find it irritating. by the way, i would not want to
10:00 pm
see this kid's report card following that rant. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next to go on the record. we will see you back here tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. >> tonight if you think what you heard jodi arias say last night on the record was absolutely shocking, hold on to your seats because wait until you see tonight. we have so much before that is never before seen. >> i would have been very happy to remain silent and go quietly into the night off to prison. my defense team decided to rip the lid off because we were forced to trial. >> more of the jodi arias interview you will only see right here in just a few minutes. but first knew tonight out of ohio. the prosecutor announcing he may seek the death penalty against ariel castro. >> ariel castro, the
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